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Dear visitors,

Good news! The renovation works of the Museum by the Building Agency continue to progress. For this reason, and for safety measures, the Arcades and part of the Aviation Hall are inaccessible until further notice.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Bibliothèque du CEDOC, aperçu des livres
Documentation centre at the Royal Military Museum

Find out all about the Royal Military Museum's Documentation Centre (CEDOC) and its various components: archives, library, map room, photo collection, print room, technical libraries and reproductions.

Please note that access conditions and opening hours are different from those at the Museum! The CEDOC is accessible by appointment only.

Schilderij Napoleon

Discover our masterpieces!

The War Heritage Institute has an extensive collection of tens of thousands of collection pieces. We asked our colleagues which pieces deserve a spotlight.

Let our selection surprise, amaze and inspire you! And feel free to visit one of our sites to discover certain pieces in person!

Panoramisch zicht Brussel Triomfboog

Discover the panoramic view over Brussels!

Through the Royal Military Museum you have access to the terraces on top of the Triumphal Arch in the Cinquantenaire Park. These terraces offer you a unique and spectacular panorama of the Belgian and European capital.

MuseumPass in the Aviation Hall

With your museum pass, come to the Military Museum!

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