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Animation and Workshops for Children and Teens

Animation and Workshops for Children and Teens

  • Duration: 1h30
  • Group size: no groups in excess of 15 young people
  • Price: 85 euro per group for a visit during the week (95 euro on weekends) + 3 euro per young person
  • Conditions: reservation required no later than 3 weeks before the chosen date
Tell me, what is propaganda (only in French)

What is propaganda, how and on whom does it affect, what is its purpose and how far can it lead? All these questions will be addressed in a fun and visual way through the activities offered in our “interwar” and “Second World War” sections.

Avenues of exploitation will be given to the teacher at the end of the animation to allow him to continue the reflection in class.

Audience: 10-14 years old (with a maximum of one group per time slot)

salle 14-18
Once upon a time there was the Great War

The 14-18 war told to children in an interactive way by means of puzzles, period photos, objects to discover in the windows.

Audience: 8-14 years old

Arms and Armour Gallery
The little knight

Immersion in the Middle Ages from collector's items presented in our "Weapons and armour" room. How do we fight in this period? Are the knights the only ones fighting? How are they equipped? What are their hobbies?

Audience: 7-12 years old

zaal 40-45
children during the war

Living from day to day in times of war... Not easy for adults! Children are also affected by the restrictions imposed by the occupier. The school is under surveillance, the contents of the supper plate change, the toys go to war. Children will discover the daily life of their peers during the interwar period and the Second World War.

Audience: 8-12 years old (with a maximum of one group per time slot)

Rainbow Mission

"Seeing without being seen", here is the watchword of this animation to discover the fascinating world of color and camouflage.

Audience: 7-12 years old

workshop bête

Rendezvous with Léo, the Belgian lion, on the trail of animals in the Army: mascots, war heroes, suppliers of raw materials for the manufacture of equipment or loyal friends, animals have always played a crucial role in military operations.

Public: 6-12 years old (this activity does not require knowing how to read)

Hall air
On the wings of the wind (temporarily unavailable)

Children will trace the history of aviation in a fun way using puzzles and manipulations.

Audience: 8-14 years old

Vrouwen in de oorlog
Profiling Operation (temporarily unavailable)

A murder has been committed at the museum! The inspector needs help to solve the investigation: he must check the alibis of the suspects, follow the clues and traces left in the collections and unmask the culprit.

Audience: 10-14 years old (with a maximum of one group per time slot)

Historische zaal
Close-up archives (only available in French)

During this workshop, teenagers will discover some illustrious characters who haunt the museum. Thanks to the archives kept at the museum, they will investigate the career of their character, discover parts of Belgian history, reveal a few secrets... Their research completed, they will present the life of their illustrious stranger through a short skit.

Duration: 2 hours

Public: from 16 years old (with a maximum of one group per time slot)

terreur en genocide
Dangerous propaganda (only available in French)

Based on the collections of the permanent exhibition “War, Occupation, Liberation”, the workshop makes teenagers aware of the media and mechanisms used by propaganda during the Second World War. As the workshop progresses, participants will understand how propaganda persuades, manipulates and incites people to commit extreme acts. The international aspect of the propaganda is also highlighted. This workshop can serve as a starting point for reflection in class on current propaganda and its dangers.

Public: from 16 years old (with a maximum of one group per time slot)